Welcome to the Virtual Marketplace Vendor Information Portal

Shops On Black Wall Street is virtual marketplace. The Virtual Marketplace Vendor Information Portal provides a self-service portal where vendors can register, login and access the platform.

Virtual Marketplace Pricing

Standard Listing – $75/month

Vendors will have a virtual shopping place on a landing page of the category you select with an image or logo selected by the vendor that shows your space. The image will link to your virtual marketplace. This will open to pages the vendor selects that are linked to the vendors website. Shoppers will be able to learn about your company, products and services. Each space comes with a chat feature where a representative from your company can chat live with customers. You can also do scheduled live demonstrations or consultations using your zoom account.


Standard Listing Quarterly- $200/every 3 months

Save money by signing up quarterly for the above service.



Preferred Listing Quarterly – $300/every 3 months

You will have everything in the above services but your company will take priority by having a premier spot on the first page.